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Welcome to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and The Valley!

Our city is the backdrop for the campaign, but expect much more than that. Los Angeles is also a character; interact with her, try to change her, hope to survive her.

Themes and Threats

This section contains links to Campaign-Wide (and thus rooted in the city) Themes and Threats. Some may be overcome, others will evolve, new ones will manifest. LA doesn’t sleep and it doesn’t sleepwalk; you better move fast or you will miss it.


It’s Called the City of Angels
Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But People Sure Try to Rent It
On the Edge and Over the Top
What’s Behind the In-Between


There’s Nothing to See Here, Move Along
Battle of Los Angeles
Success Corrupts, and Absolute Success Corrupts Absolutely


This section contains our rogues gallery. The player characters, the movers and shakers, and the forgotten all live in Los Angeles, and all make their home here.


This section details the hot spots, the bad parts of time, the spaces in-between, and everything else.

Main Page

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