Theodred Sammeth

Son of a Death God, Heir to a fortune 500


Background: Where did you come from.

Born to a god of death and a mortal woman, Theo grew up in the NeverNever visiting the mortal realm for things like school because his father wanted him to have a human education, as humans were pretty much in charge of things. However he had a hard time fitting in with humanity because his silver eyes and general feeling of being undead made people uneasy as the realized on some level he wasn’t completely human. Despite this he persevered getting an MBA in business.

Phase Aspect: Silver eyes take warning.

Rising Conflict, what shaped you?

Once gradated from university his father put him to work as his representative in the mortal world running the west coast part of his company. He sort of dumped Theo right in without much of a by your leave. His father’s company is involved in all different factions of the magical world as well as the mortal world, claiming a neutrality of doing business with almost anyone getting connections and people to owe him favors he could pull in later for things. His father wants to take over the world eventually. In any case Theo found himself dealing with everyone from everywhere it seemed like.

Phase aspect: Known in the community.

The Story: What was your first adventure?

Theo receives a reality star’s head in a box. The head wants him to solve how he died. The head refuses to talk to anyone but him, but he has no idea how to figure out how the head died.

Phase Aspect The dead always talk to me.

Phase Four: Guest Star: Whose path have you crossed?

Insert Name Here’s story

During his own investigations Name Here here’s about Theo and asks him for help, which Theo gives.


Theodred Sammeth

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